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Get Green and Extreme With Electric Moped

Jacob Stein, Battery Times

I have a hard time taking anything that includes the words “extreme” and “moped” in it’s name seriously. With that being said, the new X-Treme XM-5000Li Electric Moped is looking like a great way to add a little green to your life. Our friends at Wattcycle are boasting the XM-5000Li as the “first of it’s kind street legal electric powered moped / motorcycle running on lightweight high powered Lithium batteries and a 5000 Watt rear hub motor”. In other words, this DOT certified motor vehicle is a legitimate method of transportation for anyone looking to cut back on their gas consumption and run around town a little more efficiently.

The X-Treme XM-5000Li runs on 21 small light weight Lithium Ion batteries, which are said to be stored low and in the center of the moped to ensure stability. A single, full charge of the moped will leave you around 85 miles to work with before another charge is needed. This may not sound like a whole lot, but you really wouldn’t be using the moped for long distance traveling. The 85 miles per charge would actually give you 2-3 days worth of drive time if you’re just cruising around town. The moped tops out at around 60 mph as well, which is actually pretty decent as far as mopeds go. I’ve personally only owned one moped in my life, and unless I was riding downhill with the wind at my back, 45 mph was about where it topped out.

So while the X-Treme XM-5000Li may not exactly fit under the category of “extreme”, it looks like a solid option for anyone looking to minimize their impact on the earth while saving a few bucks on gas at the same time.

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