Electric Scooters

X-Treme Scooters are electric scooters that run by an electric motor and battery. Of course, this means recharging. There is a switch on each bike that will control the speed and hand brakes on the handlebars.

The X-Treme E-Bike will go anywhere from 10 mph to 30 mph. depending on the scooter and the size of the rider. When you charge an electric scooter it costs less than a nickle of electricity from a regular wall outlet. Charging usually takes anywhere from 4-8 hours.

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Electric Scooters
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All of these electric scooters are made to go 20 miles per charge and are equipped with turn signals and break lights for safety on the road.

A growing number of people are using electric scooters for different things such as short trips, driving to school, cruising around the neighborhood, tailgating or even commuting to and from work. Most of all, Electric Scooters are fun. Scooters can be fun in a number of ways. First of all, it feels great to ride around under the power of the motor! This feeling is similar to when you ride a bicycle, except you’re not pedalling and much quicker. AND, you’ll never have to buy gasoline again!!


Scooters Used for Vacations on a Budget

Family vacations are a tradition as long as memory serves us. But these days, with the price of gasoline that continually goes up and up, planning a trip that would not break the bank is important.

The challenging part of a vacation is trying to plan when the whole family can go at the same time. After this part is done, deciding the form of the travel is important. Airfare for the whole family would be out of the question for most. Why not decide to travel by renting an RV for the week.

Gasoline is going to be high for such a vehicle, but if you consider the cost of the airfare, hotels for overnight stay and the food costs in restaurants, the RV might really fit the bill.

There will be no more searching for a restaurant. The refrigerator could be full and ready for all meals. Everyone can eat when they are ready. A barbeque grill stored in the RV could be ready for those evening barbeque meals.

RVs have plenty of storage, so you can have room for almost anything you wish to take along.

Packing fold-up scooters for everyone, either electric scooters or gasoline scooters, is always a hit. After the RV is parked for the duration, just fire up the scooters and ride the area in style. A short charge each evening will have the scooters ready for fun rides the next day. Most camp grounds have a lot of area in which to ride. Even the kids can get into the action with the small kids electric scooters.

You can find any scooter to fit your needs at http://www.allamericanscooter.com. Our electric powered scooters come in all sizes and styles. Whether you intend to use your electric scooter for recreation or transportation, there is an electric powered scooter fit just for you.

Not only are electric scooters environmentally friendly but they are also quiet, affordable, compact and light weight. If you need any help picking out the right electric scooter, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Many other brands of scooters sell similar styles, but X-Treme electric scooters are more powerful and built to last longer. Because these electric scooters are extremely quiet, and there are no smells or fumes with an electric scooter, these X-Treme electric scooters can be used inside a building at indoor events such as trade shows, warehouses, flea markets and more. Problems very rarely get reported but if the need for troubleshooting should arise, we have troubleshooting tips online and scooter replacement parts ready for shipment from our America based warehouse. Remember we only have discounted prices on our fast electric scooters and always FREE SHIPPING on scooters $499 or less. Only $50 on scooters costing more.