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These gas scooters and electric scooters are a tailgater’s delight and great for camping!! They are great for flea markets, special outdoor events, college campuses, to ride around in gated communities and short commutes. E-bikes and electric scooters or gas scooters are in stock and ready to ship to you.

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Remember, there is free shipping on all scooters under $499.00 each.

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These Scooters Are The Hottest Things Around and Perfect for helping with the Climate Control. GO GREEN by riding an electric scooter!!
The X-360 is now available in four colors: pink, blue, burgundy and black. The price for these scooters is $399.00 with FREE shipping.

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These E-Bikes are great for camping or tailgating and other outdoor events. You can customize an electric scooter with your corporate logo. Get an electric scooter, add your logo and use as a fantastic marketing tool. Electric motor Scooters can be purchased in a solid color and the school or organization can dress them up with their unique logos. These electric and gas scooters make a great raffle or auction item that a non profit organization can use for Fundraising.


There are many benefits of having a scooter or e-bike. It can replace car trips and give you a savings on insurance, and other costs that go along with owning a car such as registration and purchase price. Cars cost about $.25 a mile in fuel and parts. You could use the electric scooter to travel over 10 miles at nearly 20 mph with little effort. The convenience of owning a scooter is great. Easy to maintain and repair, fun on camping trips, errands can be run easier, quicker, and you can zip around traffic jams in congested areas like going to meet with Reverse Mortgage lenders in Los Angeles, CA a bike can really help wind you down from the experience.